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3rd party linksys router

So I posted the other day about wanting to use a 3rd party router. 
I’ve managed to get my modem (DM200 net gear) to work with now broadband. With section 60 and 61 completed and adjusting the modem to modem only mode. If I connect my modem directly to a pc it works! Internet is established (when in modem and router mode anyway). 

now is the hard part and I’m stumped - I want to use my linksys router for wireless and I cannot find the correct settings whatsoever. It appears that the PPPoE is not the correct one and the other options are not familiar to me. 

anyone be able to offer some advice for me? Any help appreciated! 


Linksys are a long established networking brand with countless devices on the marke.

 Is your linksys device a router, or a combined modem/router/firewall/wifi access point?

Have you tried the linksys support site :

 You could try on their reddit page/forum listed on that site


Hi. Thanks for the reply! 
I’ve not tried the forums but will give them a go. Weirdly I’ve struggled to find anything that helps, even though they’re a big brand! 

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As your modem is making the PPPoE connection, I would imagine the router should be set to DHCP or something similar. What options are there?

Edit: Model number of the router would help.

2nd Edit: As you say you just want the Linksys to do the Wi-Fi, does it have an access point mode?


Oops sorry you’re right! It’s the max stream EA8300 AC2200 linksys router. No modem mode in it. 

edit: I did try auto DHCP mode and that didn’t work

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Looking at the manual for that router reminds me why I dislike Linksys.

It says this: 


Have you tried factory resetting the Linksys, and following it?

Does it have a bridge mode?

Full manual here:


It does have a bridge mode. When I tried it said some setting wouldn’t be available. Assume if I was to do bridge mode I’d leave the modem in router / modem mode? 

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I'd guess yes, I do have difficulty understanding the difference between modem and bridge modes, and some say that are the same thing, but I don't think they are.

As close as I can make out it depends on where the authentication is carried out, in the modem or the router.

In a case like yours where the modem is not "just" a modem it will always be a bit "trial and error".

If you have the modem configured as you did when the PC worked from it, and the router in DHCP mode, it should work, but would probably be a double NAT. Many people work fine like that, but it can cause problems, if for instance you want to run a server.

Good luck, I'm sure you will get there in the end.


the strange thing was when it was configured to work from the modem, there was no connection available through Ethernet of the router. I couldn’t even access the settings pages of either. It was as if the router was blocking the connection or something. What I didn’t try was power cycling once I’d done this.



Can you check the router name again, I can't find that model on the Linksys website?

Great username btw. 🙂  #YNWA