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tvOS 11 - Where is 'Continue Watching'?

Just added my NOWTV account to my Apple TV and can't seem to find 'Continue Watching'.


I have read through some long threads about issues with the Apple TV app but assumed that for the new tvOS 11 the app would at least include the basics.


If I want to watch a show I've been following I have to search for the title then find the latest episode, this can't be right, can it?


Just to add to what others seem to have encountered,  I too had great difficulty getting the app to download or NOWTV app to accept my password, though it is now working.


Any official comment from the Forum Team, please?



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Legend 5

@Anonymous User


Unfortunately the ATV app doesn't have the Continue Watching feature at the moment, it's still the old ATV app that hasn't been updated for a long time. We are all hoping an updated app will be coming soon but there's been no official word from NOW TV yet.

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Thanks for the info.