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Why NOW tv still 720p ? why fake promises of 1080p in media

Thousands of you still use NOW tv has anybody question, why they still stuck on 720p picture quality where whole streaming world already moved to 1080p at 50 fps atleast, many examples are in front of you BT sports, Netflix, Amazon n Kayo sports (AU) etc . Its utter shame that NOW tv is still do fake promises of 1080p at 50fps since 2018 which i believe not gonna happen till 2020. satellite tv time is our apple tv, smart tv apps are way to watch tv now a days.  Thinking of NOW tv and 720p just makes me frustrated and no official ready to give reply on this. 

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Hi robert. Im a bit of a av enthusiast, nothing you will do will fix the frame rate issues, its awful, they know this and dont care, id rather they fix the frame rate issue over anything else.

True @Anonymous User  but it’s pretty much only an issue with sports to my eyes (movies and entertainment look ok). Regardless of that though, the fact remains that many folk (who are not AV enthusiasts) could get some degree of improvement in picture quality just by tweaking their tv settings away from the factory defaults.


Incidentally, I watched some of the Champions League Final on BT Sports (for free via the Apple tv 4k box as I can’t subscribe as there is no method open to me to do so* - missing a trick there, BT!) and I cannot dispute that the picture quality was quite magnificent.


* Live in a house that can’t have a sat dish. BT is not my broadband or mobile provider. Snookered!

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@dr_necessitor even though I do have BT broadband, I don't subscribe to BT sport through BT themselves. 

My EE mobile phone contract which is the old Max Plan allows me to get BT sport casting as an add-on at a monthly cost of £10 (now £15 as Max Plans are no longer an option). 

Best thing with EE is that the BT sport add-on is not a contract at all, so it can be added and cancelled at any time. Which is something I have taken advantage of.


So if you are with EE for your mobile provider you will be able to get the add on to watch on supported devices at a reasonable monthly cost and cancel when you don't need it. 

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help

@gavs82008  unfortunately not with EE but thanks for the info!

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Easy answer is because people still keep paying for it, why spend money on extra servers and bandwidth when you can get more profit by running a sub standard service cheaper.