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Voucher codes and service


I purchased the entertainment box from tesco when i moved into my first home as a streaming service, promised in the box was a 2 month free pass.
When i scratched the voucher it was defective and i wrote to nowtvs online help, providing pictures of the defective voucher, a rough idea of what i thought it was and a picture of my receipt.
I was told it was my fault for scratching it wrong and i then took out a 14 day trial because it was convienient.
Since i was had issues using the nowtv player on my mac, i have written to the online chat staff and they have told me the error is resolved, when it is still occuring on my machine after troubleshooting and rebooting my device.
Ive now cancelled my subscription
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Re: Voucher codes and service

Earning badges for posting but not able to watch an episode in 1 go. 

Result 🙂

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