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Community Manager

Updated home screen!

We’ve made a few improvements to our home screen on some devices, so you can get to the shows, movies and sport you love even faster.

You can check out our new home screen on these devices: 

 Happy watching,


Elite 3

@Anonymous User I replied to you yesterday. Press the back arrow and the old style menu opens. It's literally the same layout and requires the pressing of 1 button to get to the TV guide.


Is the TV guide a 7 day guide or is it still now and next guide.

Elite 3

@UKTVPlayapp it's still 'now and next' but for some unknown reason they've added a Netflix tab which seems utterly pointless. If you go to the tab you get a message saying "open Netflix to watch TV shows". 

Anonymous User
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Something seems to be going on with the Home Screen, I've got 4 sticks and one Now TV Box which are all used 'occasionally'  I noticed that there is a new BT Sport app available on Thursday, so I installed it on all my devices, but I noticed that two of the devices had a totally different home screen, it doesn't have the menu on the left hand side unless you press the back button and when you go to your apps there is no Yellow Now TV app anymore, I'm finding the two boxes with the different home screen extremely hard to navigate and extremely slow, and it seems to spend an age loading every screen which it never did before, finding or searching for programmes on Now TV is impossible and I've not found my watchlist for days, I've even installed a new device I had as a spare to replace one stick as it was that bad.

Elite 3

@Anonymous User the reason that your devices have different layouts is that the update to the new format is being done in batches based on the devices serial number. My older black box has handled the update fine and there is no noticeable lag when loading content.


'Watchlist' is on the main screen under 'my apps' and searching for shows works exactly the same. In all honesty, with the exception of the device opening straight into NowTV instead of a screen of app tiles, I can't see a great deal of difference. 



Everytime I go to the home screen it has to load it for ages before it knows where it is

Before it'd just do it 

As I'm scrolling down it then takes me back up to the top of the list just to go back down again 

Hoping if enough people point out enough wrong they will at least sort something 

Anonymous User
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ERM  BSKYB??? Now TV is from SKY! 

But the rest of it? Agree 100%!! It is dia(bloody) bolical!! The SUPPOSED UPDATES?? Have set us back decades!! Apart from the new colour, it really is a total waste of space!

It's SLOW! The menu items are SLOW and simply don't work! You press the button to make a choice and you could almost nip into the kitchen and make a cuppa! And I can't even Ruddy walk anymore!! It is absolutely PANTS!! 

Bring back the old way!!

And Harry  you REALLY think that SKY will listen to its CUSTOMERS??

Anonymous User
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I have to say, I have completely given up on my now tv stick. The latest update had rendered it pretty much unusable. It went from being satisfyingly quick to ridiculously slow overnight. So, I purchased a firestick, and, it's much much better, its a lot faster.


My suggestion to anyone with the issues others have mentioned here with reference to the slow behaviour of their equipment, the firestick seems to have the capabilities  to deal with these issues. 

Anonymous User
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What an absolute farce the latest "update" has applied to my NowTV HDMI stick. Truly awful. How on earth NowTV (BskyB) can invest such huge sums into derisory updates like this, and yet have content that does not work at times , is truly an enigma we will never understand.


Issues we are experiencing:


1. NowTV app NOW MISSING. Go to store and click on NowTV only provides "Open" and not install.

2. When moving back or going to "home" screen, the broadband connection is tested EVERY TIME and then we get the annoying "Loading".  Takes ages Pathetic.

3. Layout is awful. Much more clunky and cumbersome to find desired content.


WHy oh WHY did you do this. At least , if you are going to update a User Interface at least attempt to make it BETTER than the extant one.



Anonymous User
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Totally agree! I really, strongly dislike the new home page layout too! Find it harder to find what I'm looking for and really difficult keeping track of the programmes I'm watching, especially how many days left to watch each one, as they are no longer on the one page together! 

Totally agree! 

Really miss Nowtv button display as it was. It was so easy to use and everything seemed logical. Now it just all seems like a jumble and that button is defunct. I hate it!

Please, please, please bring back the Nowtv button menu as it was.


Finally, with the new layout my box will no longer go into sleep mode! Being in my bedroom I have to disconnect it from the power every night otherwise I have it's bright light waking me up.


Please restore the Nowtv button menu as it was! PLEASE.