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Update Now TV app for apple TV

Will the Now TV app for Apple TV ever get an update?


The current version is complete rubbish and makes me regret ever getting a Now TV pass.


Unless there is an update my Now TV experience will be very short indeed.

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Lets hope someone can clarify.


Personally I would be surprised that if the app is able to provide live, or sports in 5.1 and everything else in 2.0.


Id have thought it either can, or cannot across the board.




Certainly looks definitive to me!


No 5.1 yet.



To be honest, ive given up on the promises they gave when they released it of 'soon'.


I would think that it will miraculously be fixed December 2021..... 1 year after the release of the Firestick app.

@nst Yes agreed it’s all very odd.


The only live content that I watch is Sports (which, as I said previously, whilst watching it is reported by About My System in the Sonos app, and indeed sounds to be like, as DD5.1)

and the only on demand content that I watch is a few bits on Entertainment which is labelled as and clearly sounds to be basic Stereo.

Using NOW App version 6.5.3 on Apple tv 4K running tvOS 15 public beta. Boost pass active.


@Hooba So presumably either the Apple tv or the NOW app is doing something to indicate to the Sonos system that it’s getting a DD5.1 audio input when it isn’t? I don’t understand why that would even be happening though!

Scholar 3

@dr_necessitor  If you're connecting via optical, then you either have a 3rd gen AppleTV (pre 2015) or are connecting to Sonos from AppleTV 4th gen, to your TV via HMDI, then your TV is connecting to Sonos via optical.


I've no idea how a 3rd gen AppleTV processes audio, so can't help with that. But if you're connecting AppleTV - TV - Sonos, then somewhere along the line, something is telling Sonos its getting a 5.1 signal. But the Now stream to AppleTV is 2.0. All a bit odd ... !

@Hooba it’s a 4K (but it’s the previous 4K from about 2017 I think as it replaced a 3rd Gen, it’s not the new 4K just released). The Sonos is indeed Optical to TV and 4K is HDMI to TV as you have deduced.


Interestingly, watching Sky Sports Main Event this afternoon, audio was DD5.1 whilst they covered the ENG vs IND Test Match but switched to Stereo 2.0 when they cutover to cover The Hundred match during a rain break at the Test Match. It continued to switch back & forth as the live broadcast switched between the two events. Confirmed by what the Sonos app was reporting and also by my ears. Very strange! So I wonder what’s making the Sonos think the 4K is sending DD5.1 audio to it when apparently the 4K isn’t? Maybe a bug or something, I dunno. All I can report is what I’m seeing in About My System in Sonos app and what I’m hearing. Weird.


out of interest.  Todays the day I cancelled my Boost subscription.


However, on doing so, they offered another 3 months at £3.


I accepted this ... so will see what the situation is with AppleTV come November.  Again, out of principle I won't pay £5 per month when they won't support 5.1.


Anyone that's paying £5 should cancel and get the revised offer.  Its not worth £5 when services like Disney+ are £8 where Atmos and 4K are standard.


I just cancelled my boost and had an offer of £1 a month for 3 months


lucky you!


Only £3 for me.


Still overpriced if you ask me.



I do wonder where Now's business model is headed.  A few years ago Disney+ launched right off the bat with 4K and Atmos - but not a huge amount of content.


Nowadays, Disney+ is the princely amount of £7.99 per month but that includes movies, TV, and STAR- and NO ADS.  Now's offering of Entertainment and Cinema and Boost totalling over £20 per month seems ridiculous considering that's 5.1 and 1080p at best.


You'd have thought they would at least try to compete competitively.  They will have to someday.


Given the current competition - especially Netflix and Disney+ - Now's price for a 5.1 and 1080p TV and Movie package should be £10 per month at most - and boost shouldn't be an option extra at that price either.



It is 5.1 on the test match cricket today. With the developer HUD on Sky Sports Main Event it shows:


audio format desc - codec:ec-3 , channels:6, sample rate:48000Hz

average bit rate video:8.07Mbps audio:256.28kbps

When the adverts came on, the channels drops from 6 to 2.