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Update Now TV app for apple TV

Will the Now TV app for Apple TV ever get an update?


The current version is complete rubbish and makes me regret ever getting a Now TV pass.


Unless there is an update my Now TV experience will be very short indeed.

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im at work and can't check.. although I can on the iPhone as the functionality would work across devices.


Please report back and let me know what you find.



if it is working im very surprised.  


However it remains unusable without 5.1 for me!  can someone with boost check that too?


Why dont they have release notes to tell us that these things are working?

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I can’t believe it!


If only Netflix would get on board with Up Next then every provider I use could be accessed through the TV app. TV app integration for Now TV has solved the issues with the NowTV app such as “sticky” interface and lack of voice search — I can just do that through the TV app instead. Fix the playback navigation to use native controls and this is as close as perfect as I think we will get. 


ive just been able to use my iPhone to access the TV app, search for a show on NowTV, add the show, and it appears in up next.


So, suprisingly its been done.  Amazing.  Never thought they would.

Why dont they announce this somewhere... its a HUGE deal for AppleTV owners.

And some who have abandoned the platform due to the app released in december they would probably come back now knowing that the TV app integration in here.


TV app integration is a huge USP for the AppleTV platform and having another mainstream app use it is a huge bonus - just Netflix annoyingly hold back now.



However as ive said before that 5.1 issue is a big one for me at least - can anyone check to see if thats fixed too?




Tested on iPhone and an Apple TV 4K.  I have boost but not seeing 5.1 unfortunately 






Thanks for looking.


I remain bemused as to why this is technically difficult when all the other streaming apps manage 5.1.... and atmos, and 4K.  Whats the problem exactly?


My main 'TV watching interface' is the AppleTV TV app.  It keeps track of whats ready to watch when... and its a pain to have to go into NowTV, and Netflix to check on availability of new episodes of shows you are watching.

Even if I can't watch the shows using the AppleTV app due to the lack of 5.1, at least I will now be prompted of new episodes of shows available via the TV app.  Thats a step forward from what we had.


interesting update.


I just tweeted Now Help Team (nee NowTV help) and asked about 5.1.


They replied saying I should delete and reinstall the app.  OK this is a very generic response and Im not able to do this right now... but I replied asking if they can confirm that 5.1 has indeed been included now (otherwise I wont bother doing the reinstall)...


I await confirmation.

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Is it just me or does the movies not show up in up next and just tv shows

its just you

works fine same as TV shows.


Remember that your existing 'watchlist' in the NowTV app will not automatically transfer to the AppleTV TV app.


You need to re-search for the items from within the TV app and (+ADD) them manually.


From that point forward TV app will keep tabs.


Im assuming that like Amazon etc you dont need to use the NowTV app watchlist anymore as the AppleTV TV app one takes over from here on in.


Another update.



My tweet was replied to.  No surprise but the 'reinstall the app' advice was completely wrong as they apparently HAVE NOT implemented 5.1 audio.


I got the same response which is that they are working on it.... but this has been the case since goodness knows when.  We were certainly told this same thing in December.


So i replied asking them to pass on to the dev team that I would like to know the problem here and that until 5.1 is implemented some boost subscribers still can't use the app.  Also why is it ONLY nowTV who 'cant' have 5.1 when all the other streaming services manage it and then some.

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Not much new to add, but I spent the best part of two years moaning that we didn't have so....hat tip, thanks very much.