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Season dates

Hi is there a way as talktalk are now using ur service to know when a new season has come out in a tv programme or when it was broadcasted as now gone from talktalk tv boost to u can not full tell what i have watched and what i have not

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@Anonymous User 

If I have followed you right, this link will give you a list of all air dates for shows on UK TV.


FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help

and if I understand you right...

Im sorry you aren't very clear what you are asking about...



NowTV has its watchlist (My TV) and continue watching feature.


One of the more irritating aspects of this feature is that if, for example, you add a series to your 'MyTV' section... when the next series begins, you do not get any notification that there are new episodes ready to watch.. and they do not get added to your continue watching section.


A new season may come and go and you'd be none the wiser frankly.


I do wish that it would put the first episode of the new series in the continue watching section when it appears.


Once you start watching the first episode of a new series then the rest quite happily appear as they should when they are ready.


For this reason, once I am finished watching a series I just remove it from my 'my tv' list as there's no point it being there as it wont help me know when the next series starts.



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Yeah hopefully that can get added to the platform as that seems something a lot would want.

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@nst @Anonymous User 


There are free apps available that you can set up to monitor all your subscription services and get notifications of new seasons/episodes of your favourite shows. I combine justwatch and reelgood. 


Justwatch has a simpler layout and is good for the days new releases but notifications are limited.



Reelgood is a bit of a fiddle but you can set up push notifications or emails.



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Thanks will look at apps and use websites as well @Saint1976 @Anonymous User @nst @gavs82008