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Nowtv not working on Apple TV 4k

NowTV hasn’t been working on my apple tv for weeks. 

tried deleting and reinstalling. 

all up to date.  

any ideas - just get the buffering circle. 


Do you have an ad blocker ? I have one on my eero router which caused the now app to stop working and just show the buffering circle 


@Anonymous User 


Whitelist the following domains for ad-blockers:-


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Thanks for the replies.

No addblockers used I’m afraid. It’s the out the box Appletv HD set top box.
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@Anonymous User 

Is your account setup to UK?


Are you searching for NOW or Now Tv? If it’s the latter you won’t find it because the company rebranded back in March.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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Yeah - based in UK.

Been using nowtv for a few years and all of a sudden it just doesn’t work.


Same here


Since tvOS 15 Now tv app won't load.

I get a blank screen when I open NowTV


tvOS is running 15.1.1


I can get to NowTV by deleting & reinstalling the app *every* time I want to watch something


(My NowTV account works just fine on other devices)


@Anonymous User 



I would reiterate what @gavs82008  said earlier.


Given that there is not a 'widespread' issue with AppleTV 4K owners - it would suggest there's something different your end.


I have both the old and new 4K AppleTV box and no such issues here.


I know its obvious but do check you are re-downloading the new app and not the old one.


Maybe post the app version you are trying to use and we can check if we have the same ones on our AppleTVs.


thanks for your reply


I'm running version 6.5.7


It looks like it's the only version in the App Store


I've deleted/power cycle/ & reinstalled the app 3 or 4 times... and it looks like this final install has fixed the issue. I can power cycle the Apple TV box and Now tv opens without having to be resinstalled.


I'll come back if the problem recurrs


Hi - did you solve it?

this is the app to use …