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NowTV - No longer working; LG App Store Version

LG Support Case: GCU200215026372


Feel free to refer reference the above when raising a support ticket with LG.


Can NowTV please advise when the LG App Store version will be updated to fix "Sorry, there is an error"? App works fine but when you attempt to actually play content it fails.


My suspicion given others in the community are having the same issue, NowTV have changed something and forgot to amend the various App stores.

We have tried (several times on each)
 - Re-install the App

 - Restart TV via power button and power itself

 - Tried various times of the day

 - Restart Virgin Hub 3 multiple times.


Thank you,

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I have to say, that although this doesnt help your particular issue, my feeling is that NowTV have spread themselves too thinly and were trying to create as many apps on as many platforms as they could.


This is all very well, as it looks wonderful on their website with the long list of devices they support..


But inevitably this leads to significant problems.


AppleTV is a big one.... the app remains 4 years old and barely functions let alone actually having the same features as on other platforms.


I am not at all surprised to hear of other problems on other platforms.


When, for example, they released the Boost function, they should have updated ALL the apps on ALL their "supported" devices to support it - however they didnt we are now in a terrible situation of functional disparity and some of us, through no fault of our own, are NowTV "second class citizens" who are paying just as much as everyone else but due to our choice of hardware platform we are not getting the same service as others.


In my opinion NowTV have graphically demonstrated their inability to adequately cover all their supported platforms and I think that it would be better for everyone if they publicly announced a rationalisation and removed the app from some devices altogether.


Personally im an AppleTV user, and selfishly I would like them to update the app and keep it updated - but I can certainly see them dropping all Smart TV built in Operating systems.


If they concentrated on:


Roku/NowTV (the same thing)


Games Consoles (grudgingly.. the experience isnt great on them but possibly the largest untapped user base).


then maybe they could keep on top of app updates.


they certainly cant at the moment.



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Sorry there was an error in the player. Can't watch now tv. I wish now tv would sort it out.

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Who is exactly in charge of updating the apps is it R&d sounds like whoever it is they need firing. It’s bad enough the Apple TV app has not been updated but now people with LG and Sony etc suffering error problems. Like u said when boost was released I think I’m right that it supported nowtv 4k box, black box nowtv, PS4 and Samsung TVs. 


Got the same problem myself , keeps going off, reset broadband and now tv stick but no joy, can't watch normal tv either as it keeps going back to now tv, bloody sick of it 

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having this same problem. Hey be had to do a factory reset and it kicks back in once you log in. 

It seems the cookies maybe need wiping but as far as I can tell there’s no function for that. 

the above fix is a little annoying but definitely works. 

I’ve also found that the nowtv app on my phone can’t airplay to my LG tv where every other app does.


hope this helps. 

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Do you mean a factory re-set on the tv? 



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I do. It’s in the main settings. 

It’s easy to do but you have to log back in to all your apps. I’ve fixed mine this way. 

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No longer working LG tv. Videos not opening is all in is saying  


Just tried watching a film on our LG TV and same issue.


Programs won’t play  you just get the timer icon. 

Online chat they said “It's an on going issue with the LG NOW TV APP, we are trying are best to get this sorted”


They couldn’t give a time frame for rectification. 

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Mine too - for the past 3 days its been doing this.  No response from Now TV....think i'll call them out on twitter, that seems to get the ball rolling on most things.

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Ours too ... and when try to contact via chat it's a dang Bot ... can't get through to an actual person whatsoever ... what the heck's going on NowTV? When are you going to fix this and do we get a refund for the days that we can't use this?