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How do I watch the Oscars

Hi there, 

I know there is already a thread about the Oscars but  I couldn't see a way to add to it. 

We are able to watch the Oscars but for 2 years I've tried and failed. 

When I go into Now TV, my only options are Search, Highlights, Genres and My Account. I have a Sky cinema pass. How do I find the Oscars? I have no TV channels as options at all.....

If I choose Highlights, I then have an option for Oscars Collection and then 122 films are there. Is this where it will appear as a ceremony just before the ceremony happens?!

Thank you for your help! 

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schnapps Legend 3
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Re: How do I watch the Oscars

Hi @Travelgirl3000 

Sounds like you have a YouView box where the NowTV App provides on demand movies only with no live Sky Cinema channels Smiley Sad

Based on what happend last year ( if my memory serves me right) the Oscars was broadcasted live first on the live Sky Cinema Channel dedicated to the Oscars (which doesn't help you with a YouView box) then there was a repeat in the evening again on the live Sky Cinema Oscar channel.

So if you want to watch it live in real time from start to finish then a YouView box will not be suitable and you may have to look at other nowtv supported devices. 

Then i know for about 7 days the Oscars was added to NowTV catch up using a Entertainment Pass (again no help to you using a YouView box) and i can't remember to be honest if there was also an option for 7 day catch up using a Cinema Pass.

Also i can't remember if the 7 day catch up was the full Oscars event or a water down highlights version of the Oscars lasting about 2 hours.

Hopefully somebody from the NowTV Team can help answering your question in full ?

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