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Chromecast - Again

Is there going to be a fix yet?

This is what everyone is saying in a nutshell... NOWTV is very poor on Chromecast... even if you have gigabit fibre or as low as 18mb download speed (more probably lower) - NOWTV Requires a comfortable 12mb right?

I can view perfect on phone, but cast from phone to the very latest Chromecast.. a pile of stutter and low bandwidth play. App on TV that's right next to router does work... so makes me think its a NOWTV Chromecast thing. Is it the it NOWTV's servers or that copyright protection (DRM) making things slow... your server location, or cache... all the above... I have no clue, but your engineers know how to fix it. Listen to them. I have 75mb download and the least I can get is 36mb in a far corner of my home, all that with Boost, and all apps up-to-date, and using 3 different devices and still the same.



Most apps on Chromecast are garbage. Casting is waste of time as you get issues and image quality is inferior. Also doesn't play ar correct frame rate.

Do yourself a favour like I did and pick up a Roku streaming stick. No issues, better interface and can pause live streams to. Will also play at correct frame rate to when match frame rate is enabled