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Chromcast Google TV, Now tv APK

Hi Guys And Girls



IF Anyone has a chromcast with google TV  then there is a way with easy instructions on how to put the Now tv App On The Device So You don't have to cast.. 


IF anyone would like the intrusctions on how to put the app on dthe device I can tell you or anyone has a device that they are struggling With to Get Nowtv app let me know 

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Yes please!




Make sure you turn developer options on go to build click on it 7 times until you see developer options on 



3] Install the app downloader and click on Open to launch the app.



[4] Enter the URL: in the URL field


] Click on Go to start downloading the app.


[6] On the downloading page, click the Download APK option.


[7] After downloading the file, Install the Now TV app.. 


Note: To install the app, you need to Turn On the Unknown source toggle from the settings... 



[7] After installation, launch the app from the Apps section.


[8] Log in with the NOW TV credentials and stream the title that you want.


Enjoy @WayneB1983 









Does this link still work as I have just purchased a Chromcast



Hi still need a hand with this? 



Thanks, it worked but now they've done an update and now it doesn't work.

You got a copy of the latest working release?


Hi I have replied to yourself but its not displaying on this for some reason .

On your apps screen have you got auto update on so the apps auto update themselves .


IF not let me know and I will send some details over to you and also some APK for the latest movie box app and a few other thst I use on my firestick and Google TV chromcast 

The movie one has all the very latest movies and series and when I say latest i meen ie I watched top gun maverick a month or so ago now and you have dates on them that they were brought out I watched a film last night it had only been out a week at the cinema and thru are not cam copy's they are but torrents they are great .

You also get 





With all the latest movies and TV on if your interested I would of sent you a pic but haven't a clue on here it's old school to be honest as usu8its just click on the button and upload pic ...

Anyway yes I released they had a new platform out and I was watching now tv before I got the update and as my app updates were on its uploaded the new one straight away so please let us know and apologies for the late reply