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Now TV poor streaming quality

Had Now TV a while now streaming via the app on Apple TV & never had an issue. Just bought a Samsung 4K smart TV and the stream quality is extremely poor. Hardly watchable! Other apps like Netflix, Prime etc are fine. Have rebooted my router & checked internet connection. I have fibre optic 100mbps internet. Even plug Ethernet in with no luck. Any other ideas or should I just cancel Now TV?
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Re: Now TV poor streaming quality

I ordered my first Sky Sports Day Pass today to watch PL & NFL games on a new Samsung 6-series SMART TV and am having an equally terrible experience.  The streaming quality is super frustrating ranging intermittently from 30% -90% optimal resolution with the deterioration occurring randomly  throughout the day.  Hardly value for money.  I've sent a complaint to and would be interested to see what the response would be to that and to this thread.

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Re: Now TV poor streaming quality

I'm on a humble 3 meg adsl connection; fortunately the app shows the stream speed when you start watching.

(You'll also see it again if you press the PLAY button, whilst watching.)

You don't see it if using one of the NOWTV black boxes.


But I too see varing quality; my best is usually around 2017, but can drop, whilst watching a show to the low hundreds; usually recovers fortunately.


I wonder if some popular shows could suffer from contention at NOWTV end?