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Username and or Password not recognised

Hello, Currently we use a Roku Streaming Stick to access NowTv on our television. Normally each time we use the NowTv app it logs straight in. However, today when I clicked on the app it had three pages of advertising the prices of each package. It t...

apps not loading on white now tv box

I am currently unable to access any content on either of my two now tv boxes. All I currently get is the title page of the app I'm trying to open then get returned back to the main menu.

NowTV on ROKU 4

I have a Roku 3 but want to upgrade to a Roku 4 because of its Optical Digital Output.  Will the NowTV app work correctly on a Roku 4?

Software Update

There was a major update to my HDMI Streaming Stick yesterday evening Version 7.0 Build 9021 Roku loaded up much quicker. Bouncing ROKU had gone in favour of ROKU tapping feet to music

Resolved! Roku 3 versus NowTV box

Is there anything on a Black or White NowTV box that is not available on a Roku 3 box ?

Resolved! Roku 3 Now TV app

On my new Roku 3 I cannot find anywhere a NowTV app - there are 25 apps listed under streaming channels but no NowTV app.  Is it hidden somewhere ?


There used to be three people on now TV, me my mum and my friend and now A jealous friend who found out my password for Now TV after me logging her in, refused to pay a third so I removed her device. Then I added someone else who was willing to pay a...

Roku streaming stick 2 sticks on nowtv account

Hi thanks for helping me I just got another Roku streaming stick, i currently have a free trial 14 days (now 10 days) and just bought a 3 month entertainment pack just waiting for the code to come in post I have one stick in living room and one in a ...