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Watch NOW from your browser

Hi everyone, We have some great news to share! From today you can stream all our brilliant content directly from your web browser – you’ll no longer need to use the NOW Player to watch on your PC or Mac. Find out more about all the different ways to ...

Simon-J by Community Manager
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NowTV App - Terrible buffering and overheating my Macbook

I'm literally on the verge of cancelling my subscription if the technical team doesn't respond to these issues immediately with a less generic response than I've previously seen them give.No, it's not to do with my internet or my Macbook as I have co...

NOW TV player

I wanted to play a programme on a new computer, i was prompted to download the now tv player but clicked the wrong button instead of download clicked on 'already have it', now everytime I try play a movie or programme it doesnt prompt me anymore and ...

Nowtv does not recognise my pc which is listed in devices

as it says in title seems to want me to wait until jan 1st to "install new device" nothing has changed on my pc & it worked ok last time I used it on pc 3 weeks ago. new tv installed the other week with nowtv pre-loaded which works & is shown in devi...

Manage Devices error

 I have 4 devices managed on my NOWtv account. One should be for my laptop, 1 for the NOWtv box (Which in my opinion should not take a licence) and 2 are ech of my kids iPads.I am trying to watch films on a new Movie pass I recently installed and I k...

stuttering picture and sound on laptop

Hi hoping somone can help please and thank you  i have a hp laptop and have obviously downloaded now tv player as i am guessing that this is the only way to view on a laptop, i have tryed streaming though chrome and explorer and both when trying to w...

Player buffering on Laptop

My player has been acting like a broken DVD since I downloaded it.  I have asked for help and been asked to clear the cashe, and reinstall the player from various sourses, none of which resolved the issue.  I kept being told it is my broadband speed,...

f20002 Error every few mins

3 monitor setup - 2 DP 1 HDMI connected, using the non primary DP monitor I get these errors many times per episode. The other 2 monitors are used for other stuff (security cameras, and coding stuff). Any way to stop this happening all the time?

unable to delete NOWTVPlayerInstaller-Full-Windows.exe

Hello,I am adminiatrtor of my laptop. I had some offer from hsbc and I tried NOW TV for a day. I have to download NOWTVPlayerInstaller-Full-Windows.exeand I cannot delete the file from my PC. If I do just delete, it say access denied. If I use shift ...