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Why does this app even exist?

Look, I get it. Silverlight is being discontinued, but there are literally dozens of other options for online video streaming which are being overlooked. Even if you looked at them and decided they all came up wanting, it still doesn't explain the weird dual-nature of the ridiculous app we have to download just to watch a video. Every time I load the Now TV player app it tells me I have to go visit the website.


If it's an app, then let it actually FUNCTION as an app. Let me browse videos from the app itself instead of having to still load up the website and find the show. If it's a browser extension, let it actually FUNCTION as a browser extension. Let me do everything from the website without loading into a separate window.


It's just a horrible mess of an app that is barebones at its best, and downright frustrating at its worst. Are you honestly telling me that you guys, with all your resources and experience, thought that this was the best 'solution' to the problem? Some weird little app with an identity crisis? I really hoped this was some kind of 'beta', but it turns out you guys are actually running with this one.


Guys, fix it, update it or whatever it is you need to do. As it stands, this is one poorly conceived app.

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Re: Why does this app even exist?



Have you tried the Now TV app from the Microsoft Store on your Windows device?

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