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Unable to watch any TV episodes on Mac

I have been subscribing to NOW TV since April 2017 and I have an ‘Entertainment Month pass’ at £7.99 a month. 


I started watching several TV dramas on NOW TV, the latest of which was ‘Babylon Berlin’. I successfully watched the first two or three episodes some months ago. Recently when I attempted to watch the next episode I was unable to do so. I have gone through all the windows that have appeared on my computer screen starting with the ‘Existing Customer’ webpage and complied with all the requests to install updated versions of the now TV Player application without any success. The system just makes me go round in circles.  


This is what happens over and over again:


1. I start with ‘ page’. Click ’Start watching’ button in menu at top.


2. ‘' page appears. Click Menu/Entertainment/All Shows/Drama and scroll to ‘Babylon Berlin’. Click on ‘Babylon Berlin’/Episode 3’. Same page appears showing orange buttons: ‘Buy Entertainment Pass’ and ‘Add to My TV’. Click on ‘Add to My TV’.


3. ’Sign in’ page appears. Enter email address and password and click ’Sign in’ button and ‘Babylon Berlin’ reappears but has dialogue box in middle: ‘Do you want to allow this page to open “NOW TV”?’ Click ‘Allow’.


4. Blue window appears over ‘Babylon Berlin’ window saying ‘There's an update! Please download and install the latest version to get back to watching all of your favourite content. Download and install or you can download it manually here.’ Click ‘Download and install’ button.


5. ‘Successfully installed NOW TV Player’ box appears. Click ‘Finish installation’ button.


6. Blue window disappears to reveal ‘Babylon Berlin’ page. Click on ‘Episode 3’. ‘Do you want to allow this page to open “NOW TV”?’ box appears. Click ‘Cancel’.


7. No matter what ‘Episode’ is clicked the same dialogue box appears.


8. Click on ‘My TV’ in menu at top of screen. Dialogue box saying ‘Continue Watching Watchlist Let’s get started Watch a movie or TV show and it’ll appear here’ Click ‘Continue Watching’ (in green). Nothing happens. The ‘TV show’ does not appear.


9. Click ‘Watchlist’ and a dialogue box appears showing mini-windows for four TV dramas including ‘Babylon Berlin’  with a ‘View all’ button at the bottom. Click ‘View all’ button.


10. Page appears showing the four TV dramas including ‘Babylon Berlin’. Click ‘Babylon Berlin’  mini-window.


11. Main ‘Babylon Berlin’ page reappears. Click ‘Episode 3’ mini-window. Dialogue box ‘Do you want to allow this page to open “NOW TV”?’ appears again.


Am I completely failing to understand what NOW TV provides? Is it that one can only watch episodes of TV programmes for a limited period after each live showing? I tried sending the above information as a message, but nothing happened when I pressed the  ‘send’ button. I have contacted the chat online option but the support person eventually gave up and said it would be dealt with by email. No email received so far!


My computer equipment is a Mac mini (late 2014) with Mac OS High Sierra (version 10.13.3) installed and I use Safari as my browser. I do not have any problems watching television programmes on BBC iPlayer, Channel 4 or Netflix. Am


In desperation, David A. Girling

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@Anonymous User


Welcome to the forum. Could be a typo but in your step 6. you should be clicking allow not cancel. 

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I was trying systematically to follow each of the options offered, 'cancel'/'allow', in the hope that one would work. To no avail!