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Search fails so how do I find a specific movie?

Opened an account with Now last night, and I'm using a web browser on PC, Windows 11. Today I clicked on Movies, then searched for Nicholas Cage. Nothing. No response. Not even a 'nothing found' response. So I scanned down the movies already shown and I see Uncharted. So I searched for Uncharted, knowing that it's available. Nothing. No response. No indication the search works at all. So how on earth am I supposed to find and watch the movies I'm paying for?

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Don't use a PC for my NOW viewing so I can't be much help, but have you tried deleting the cache and data for the browser or tried another browser?

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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Hi @HDawson 

For some unknown reason only the NOW branded Box and Stick can find under the search menu on the LHS by typing an Actor or Director name.

I have been asking NOW for years to add this feature to other playback platforms.

With Chrome internet browser on the NOW website using the search I found "Uncharted" straight away without problems for me (see screenshot below).

Screenshot_20230426-082929_Samsung Internet.jpg


Also another useful website for finding what movies are available currently on NOW is this website link below and if you click on the movie title it should redirect you to the NOW website where you can add to My TV. 


Thanks, I tried again in my main browser with the same result to make sure then tried in the Chrome browser. I noticed a drop down list so selected Uncharted and this worked - so thanks for that.

Puzzled I went back to my main browser and tried again. I now realise what the problem was. I'm a rapid touch typist, typed uncharted and hit enter, ignoring the brief beginnings of what I assumed were suggested searches. In all other searches I've done elsewhere, it's far quicker for me to type and enter a search than to stop, grab the mouse, and select a suggestion so I rarely bother. I hardly even look at them and, in the case of a brief entry like Uncharted, I can type it almost faster than the drop down appears!

So it seems one HAS to accept the drop down offerings (or else possibly type in the exact wording of the entry, because Now won't display a full screen list of search results.

So the problem was caused by a combination of fast typing and a somewhat non-standard way (to me) of providing search results. Now I know! 🙂

Thanks, everyone.