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Player issues


Hope someone can help me. 


I am struggling to watch on the Now Player on my PC.


It worked fine up to a point, and now the new version of the player is hanging and crashing out every time i try to open it.


Not using BitDefender, and have tried providing the app an exclusion on my current anti-virus software (Kaspersky).


An interesting thing I noted, is that when the player opens, it shows version 8.11.0, but when I open my control panel to uninstall, it shows version 8.8.0?


Any ideas?

Anonymous User
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I have been having the same problem. I am using a Laptop and Windows. I have been using same device for two years. Then on Sunday three days ago it stopped loading Now TV Player. Have reinstalled Link and Player 17 times still no joy. Just wanted to let you know you are not alone.