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NOW TV player turning itself off

Hi there


I have a laptop which I'm running NOW TV player on. It's Windows 10.


Until a few weeks ago it ran absolutely fine. Now the player shuts itself off a few seconds after I open it.


I am running the antivirus program Bitdefender. I have put a threat exemption for now tv.exe, and also the folder which contains the player. This has not resolved the problem.


Indeed, if I disable the virus software, it still has no effect.


I've also seen the instruction to delete the Cisco file in the roaming folder - I can't see any evidence of this file or what it would look like.


Advice appreciated. At the moment I'm paying for a service I can't use on my main device.


Hey there, 


In exactly the same boat, except I have no AV running and still it closes within seconds of opening.