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Keep Getting Logged Out 20-30 minutes

Windows 10

Now TV Website and Downloadable Player (NOT the APP as that doesn't work for me at all, won't let me log in)


Every 20-30 minutes, it's timing out and logging me out of the website that then brings up an error and stops whatever I am watching.


I get why there is an automatic time out, but I used to be able to watch a good few episodes back to back or a couple of films before it logged me out, as of 26/09/2020 I can now watch no longer than 20-30 minutes of anything before getting the error. 


I've deleted and redownloaded the player but its not made a difference and I'm pretty sure it's because of the website automatically logging me out after said time period.


Please help... 

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Anonymous User
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This is becoming annoying.

For the last 2 weeks I am having to log back in every 30 minutes.

This is obviously an issue with NOW TV and I am not the only one encountering this issue.

NOW TV, please resolve!

Regards, Anthony

Anonymous User
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Same thing happening to me since I renewed. Really, really annoying and spoiling my viewing.

Anonymous User
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Forget the player. Many users including myself having the same issue. App seems to work better although the interface is not as good as the player.  At least you dont have keep logging during the footie!!! LIV vs ARS, had to log in 3 time during the 90min.


App from the MS store works for

Anonymous User
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Same is happening to me. Used to watch on a match by match basis last season, after COVID hit and the restart. Decided to sign up for a monthly pass for the new season, in the absence of being able to go to game.


It's flaming annoying to have to log back in 3 or 4 times during a match and potentially missing action. This has been happening since the very first match of the season.


I tried the useless web chat. Seems to be no answer to the problem that is affecting more than a few people. I'm very close to cancelling (I binned Sky itself many years ago because of awful customer service, it seems not a lot has changed).

Anonymous User
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Watching on laptop, getting logged out several times during a game. Purchasing individual games. Also getting  stuttering (not buffering) which happened eleven times last night watching Liverpool. I

deleted and reloaded Now app before I logged in for game.  


Anonymous User
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Had issues myself. Even had problems with chatting to the Tech guys and gals.


I uninstalled then reinstall Player,  still had same log out problems.


I switched from using Chrome to Microsoft Edge.


Log out issue seems to have been fixed switching to Edge.


I will see how it goes.


I hope this helps?