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Error windows 10

Greetings to all


I'm getting an error whenever I start to watch something on the now tv app. I get the video and sound feed to display for about 3 seconds. then is bombs out and i get an error

Device problem


There is a problem playing content on this device. please check there are valid video and audio devices connected, and configured correctly, then try again


Error code:VGC-4277600256:4277600256

I cleaned up the install of the application, and did a  full reinstall, and I'm having the same issue.

has anyone else had this issue.


many thanks

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Re: Error windows 10

@Wheezingcow there are a few threads going back a couple of years with this error code but unfortunately they haven't been solved.


Below is a link to a Sky Germany community thread. Some people have surmised (based on sky's help pages) the problem is related to multiple external monitors, connected audio devices, graphics cards and/or antivirus software but beyond that I'm afraid I can't offer any help.



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