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Bad sound and Bad customer service!

It started off with Game of thrones and its bad sound quality. As soon as i went onto season 5 i automatically noticed a very bad sound quality. It seemed as if all the depth especially the male voices as they are quite deep just vanished. it sounds robotic and if someone has put a sound synthesiser over the voices. I then Contacted Customer support and they said they would put my case to the higher technical team and that i should expect an email from them within 48 hours. I never recieved an email. So 3 days later ( I first contacted them on the friday) on the monday, i contacted now tv again and explained my story ans they were apologetic for the issues caused and they said they would transfer me to one of the technical team to talk to. As i was being transfered it said no one was avaialble and just ended the chat completely and i was alone. Angry, i once more contacted now tv and once more said my story and they said that my case has already been moved to the tech team and i should expect an email within 48 hours.....guess what... The email never came. I am very frustrated to say the least. I dont know if this is a hardware problem or not but i did use my phone and the problem persists. I use a Macbook pro to watch my content from.

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