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You View app no watchlist

My watchlist has disappeared from the Now TV app on You View. I can add programs to the watchlist but not access them. Has this happened since an update?

How do you add sky sports box office

I have now tv, no stick but as app on tv and now broadband, I have sky sports package but am struggling to add sky sports box office….help want to watch the fight tonight…

Resolved! Spotify

Hi. Think I lost my previous post. Just wondering what Bitrate the Spotify App streams at. I have a NOWTV stick. cheersMike

Bt Youview box counts as a device.

Hi. I would just like to understand why my by Youview box is classed as a device  I signed up to get now tv through my bt package so it would be easier to access it through the guide. But if 3 people in my household use the now tv app and the box is ...

Resolved! new fire stick with WI-FI 6.

I have a fire stick plugged into tv just now(voice activated one),will the new stick with WI-FI 6 work any better. Don't want to buy it if no difference in service.(does say router has to have WI-FI 6) but I wouldn't know if it has.        thanks for...

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Just like Netflix is an app on Now TV even though Netflix is a separate subscription !  I want to ask if there's any possibility of Now TV being able to offer BritBox as an app too ?  Again BritBox will a separate subscription!  I hope it happens !

Resolved! Boost on Firestick

Hi,   Just signed up to Boost but disappointed with picture quality.  I have the entertainment package and have looked at live channels.  Sky News seems particularly poor.   The number 989 appears on screen is this relevant? Sorry, I'm a novice user....

Apple TV

I have the latest Apple TV and I dowloaded the Now app and it worked for a while, now every day I just get a black screen when I try and watch it, to fix this I have to delete the app and re-install it, this is every day, seems to be something happen...

Sky store app not keeping me signed in

Hello Recently the Sky Store app isn't keeping me signed in. It used to keep me signed in every visit saying 'signing you in as....(email address)'. However now it's not and at the top its saying sign in/sign up. I'm using the black Now TV box. Has a...