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Signed up for NOW TV Entertainment Membership through Amazon Prime but only able to watch on Prime!


I signed up for NOW TV through amazon Prime Video on my Amazon firestick. Im paying £10 a month for a Entertainment membership which give me accces to the TV shows i want. However i have tried to access NOW TV through the NOW TV website and to sign on to the account whlist at my girlfriends but cant seem to access it, i cant seem to access the NOW TV account anywhere other than my Own TV.  According to NOW TV  i dont wevent have an account with them it seems i only have the account through Amazon. 

Can anyone advise if this is correct/normal and if not how i can sort it our so that i can access it better. 


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Legend 5


Check out this link. According to this it shouldn't restrict you to only the fire stick.

Perhaps go to Amazon and have a moan at them?

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help