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Casting to Android TV cuts out

Casting from Now TV Android app to Sony Bravia Android TV keeps cutting out and displays a Now TV background. The phone app simply displays the spinning Now TV sign. I am then forced to stop the casting and restart. This keeps repeating after a variable length of time but typically 20 min.


I tried clearing storage/cache and restarting Google Play Services, Google Home and Now TV apps. Also tried turning off and on the Sky Hub. Haven't fixed the problem.


No other apps on my phone that cast to the TV have any issues.


Now TV Android App v10.11.10

Google Home v2.19.1.18

Google Play Services v20.09.14 (120400-30056878)


Sony Bravia 4K (KD-49XF9005)

Android v8.0.0 (security patch 1 Sep 19)

Kernel v3.10.79


This issue had made Now TV unusable as I do not watch on the phone itself.



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Re: Casting to Android TV cuts out

@mxpi I have much the same problem.... Did you ever get it resolved? Thanks. 

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