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Anonymous User
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Cannot cast nowtv to Chromecast. Error 2100

I keep trying to cast the live cricket to my Chromecast and keep getting an error saying 

'something went wrong. If it persists, contact online help. Error code 2100'


Couldn't get through to online chat with my error.

I have rebooted chromecast, uninstalled the app, restarted router, cleared my cache and it still doesn't work.

Other apps can cast to Chromecast fine, it's just nowtv. It doesn't let me cast anything at all from nowtv, not just live sports.

I can view things on my phone still 

Anonymous User
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OK I'm going to have to cancel all my Now subscriptions as it is still not working a week on and no one is helping me. 

Elite 3

@Anonymous User do you have Boost Membership?