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broadband and phone deal no answer on phone

My bill is due to be hiked quite a bit.  I want to renew at an offer price but nobody answers the phone and there appears to be no way to renew broadband and phone online.  It is really really poor customer service

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Hi @Anonymous User 


See if you get any response from the NowTV Broadband Team by either sending them a message by filling in the web form highlighted in the blue link contained in the linked article below or try the number from the same link below which is a different telephone number that you have been trying to phone.


I was lucky and managed to set up a new 12 month Broadband deal on Saturday before their main Broadband telephone helpline went into meltdown (though i didn't use any of the contact options found from the link below).


After my new Broadband Deal was renewed for a further 12 months, i did fill in a customer survey form and suggested to them that they made it easier for customers to renew their contracts directly on their website by going to your account has an option rather than trying to get through to their dedicated telephone line indicated on their email offer sent to me. 

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I have also tried to renew my broadband and phone contract. It just increased from £30 to £43 pounds. That's almost 50%. You cannot do this on the website and are advised to speak to the team but there is no answer after trying twice for over 20 minutes each time. I have sent a message on the submit form and hope to receive a response. My annoyance is at the website not allowing you to do a renewal.

New customers are priority here! Renewing contract is an obvious step for customers but they do not make it easy. Makes me think they dont want the business, or to charge more where they can. I also did not receive an email warning me of the large monthly increase. Fingers crossed lol