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Offers and Vouchers - Broadband


Resolved! Speaking to Now on the phone

Try as I have, I am unable to find a telephone number for Now. I wish to speak to them on behalf of my 87 year old neighbour who wants to switch to a new broadband supplier. Can anyone please advise of a telephone number I can call.

No rolling contract

Hi just wondering, is the faster fibre broadband available on a rolling contract cancel anytime? Or is it a fixed contract.  Looking for broadband where I can pay monthly and cancel anytime. 

14 day free trial for movies

I have opted into the 14 day free trial for movies (I currently have the entertainment pass). If I decide not to carry on with the movie pass, will the movies I have added to my box remain on my box if I cancel the free trial? 

Add broadband to account

Hi. I had a Now TV and broadband package a couple of years ago. Moved house and kept only the TV. Now moving again and want to get Now broadband in new house. Can’t get thru to anyone to discuss so only option seems to cancel my account and the TV pa...

Not able to use code

I bought a Now tv sports card but upon entering the code a message popped up stating that I already have an active card and therefore am unable to use this. The previous card I had purchased was a weekly subscription back in February. Any ideas how I...

Upload Speed - Shocking!

Due the current situation and having to move my business across to an online platform, I have discovered over the last week that my upload speed is terrible. After running a speed test several times, I am only getting 1.1mbps as opposed to the 8mbps ...