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What's the difference?

I have a Now TV broadband account and every time I try to get in touch about an issue this seems to make a massive difference as I always have to be redirected. Just wondering if anyone knows what the actual difference is as the vouchers I attempt to apply seem to not work either way.

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Hi @Anonymous User 


Not sure if i understand your question, so apologies in advanced if i haven't answered the question correctly.


If you are a nowTV Broadband customer any Broadband or Telephone related problems you have there is the option to either phone the NowTV Broadband Team or contact their live chat web service.


Anything related to NowTV TV passes needs to go through their live chat service (even if you are a Broadband customer).


So if you have an issue with the NowTV TV passes or voucher codes then live chat is the service you need to contact and not the telephone number for the NowTV Broadband Team.


Here's a link to live chat


From the link select the most appropriate or nearest topic, then once you get to the final stage, scroll down towards the bottom of the screen page and click the drop down arrow below Get in Touch to reveal the live chat button on screen.


Out of curiosity what problem are you getting with the NowTV TV pass voucher code ?


What device are you using, what type of voucher are you attempting to use and any message or error code when trying to apply or start the voucher ?