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Cancelling passes as service not working

I cannot cancel my passes as it is unable to display them on that cancelling route.why is there no email or phone number for a live person or contact? they are taking my money each month and I am in a vortex. ITS CRIMINAL!

Sky sports offer

Hi all Be been offered sky sports at a reduced price but when I click to accept it, it won't load. Can anyone point me in the digitisation of where to go please? TIA

Sky Sports Month Pass Offer

Can you clarify the expiry date for this offer? Do I need to take it up today, or can I take it up on 08/02/2021? Thank you. Save over 25%: Compared to standard Sky Sports Month Pass price (£33.99pm). Sky Sports Month Pass £25 a month for 4 months: O...

free 4-month Sky Sports Mobile Month Pass

Many thanks - I didn’t even buy a pass !Thanks for your recent Sky Sports Pass purchase. When you bought your Pass you might’ve noticed that we were offering a free 4-month Sky Sports Mobile Month Pass with Day and Week Pass purchases. We didn’t want...

Sky sports day pass

Hi,  I'm a NHS nurse and someone hacked into my nowtv account and bought a sky sports pass! So annoyed!  Literally sat at work now trying to do the live chat to cancel it but to no avail! Been on a 13.5 hour shift to that email.  Can someone please h...

BE WARNED. Now Tv scammed me,

I logged on for the first time in a while and under "offers" had a 7 day free trial for entertainment. I selected it and was instantly charged £9.99. When I contacted customer service they said because I took an offer on entertainment 2 YEARS AGO I d...

Check out your exclusive offers

Last Friday I clicked on check out your exclusive offers and thought must sign up for that later. Got home signed in and it had disappeared. Would it not be better if these exclusive offers were emailed to us. I use the app and the only way to find t...

Resolved! Sky sports day pass cancellation help

Hi, my 2yr old kindly bought a sky sports day pass yesterday which I only found out when I checked my emails today. The small print at the bottom of the email states that I can cancel within 14 days by going to My Passes, but cant for the life of me ...