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Why take my money when account already said I had a sports pass?

Hi, was looking through my account and noticed I had a sky sports day pass ready to go. So I clicked it today and it said something like " keep for later" and " use now"


Right away a sky sports channel rightfully started playing, I thought must have bought that pass and forgotten about it.


Then I looked at my bank account and to my horror you had taken nine pounds ninety nine pence out of my account. 


There was no " pay now" nothing but that I already had a pass ready to be started.


So how come I am now down nearly ten pounds, and for something I already paid for in the passed. 


This is absolutely rubbish nowtv, my partner had already been onto your Facebook page about our TV device being faulty, now this. 


Plus I cannot get onto the settings page for my nowtv box in my bedroom, I only have like four or five items to pick from, like " Home, Search" and another couple, can't remember, but when clicking left on the home page where it's supposed to take me to settings, it doesn't, it's driving us nuts.


Nowtv is seriously going right downhill, I have been a member since 2015 and never seen any bad service like this, it is getting worse and worse. 

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Legend 5

Hi @Marjbo 


Sounds to me that the Day Sports Membership was already purchased or added to your account before you went into your online account and seen the Day Sports Pass showing under your My Membership.


When you go to My Account > My Bills & Payments what date does the £9.99 charge show and was anybody in the house hold using NOW on this date ?


Do you have a payment pin setup on your account ?


NOW live chat would be the best option to discuss this matter about the Day Sports Membership and getting a refund.


With regards to the NOW box in the bedroom, did you press the back button (not left directional button) on the remote whilst on the NOW Home screen to access the additional Box settings and Apps Store etc ?

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Check your payments for last 12 months.  See if you bought a day pass at any point.  Day passes only stay active for 365 days once added to account.


The message "keep for later" and "use now" only comes up when you have just paid for a pass.


I "bought" mine on 14 June. So I get until 13 June 2022 to use it.