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Voucher invalid

I’m trying to watch the friends reunion on Now Tv. I started the free trial and it does not come up in my search on the TV but does on my phone. When I click it on my phone it says voucher is invalid and I need to buy a pass. How can this be a free trial?! Does anyone know how I can watch this? Absolutely baffled as to how this works


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Re: Voucher invalid

Hi @Becky1993 


Firstly have you gone into your NOW online account under My Account > My Membership to see if the 7 day Entertainment trial has been added ?


If it has, then open the NOW App on your television and scroll to the bottom of the home screen and click on the My Account tile box, then make sure your are logged in with the correct sign in details.


Should everything be in order, instead of using the search go into the Entertainment section of the App by clicking the Entertainment ticket icon (first tile box on the Entertainment horizontal tile row).


Then when the second screen page opens, scroll down to "Channels" , then select Sky One where Friends :The Reunion is the first folder on the next screen page.