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Unable to put entertainment pass on my account

I recently had an email from Nowtv which to be honest I thought was spam as it said about adding a new entertainment offer onto my account and I innocently assumed they could not do that without asking me first. 

I went to apply a pass someone had bought for me and it would not let me as this offer from now tv had been applied. I cancelled it, tried the pass I had and it did not work - I tried several times. I logged a complaint with nowtv. I have tried again 24 hours later and it still will not let me - it is saying I can only add a new voucher within 30 days of an offer ending, and as I cancelled their offer and my current offer (previously applied) ends this coming Thursday, the info they are giving me is false. 

Not sure how to deal with this or if they will even contact me seeing as it is incredibly hard to contact them anyway now. 


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Yes i have same problem i have a 2month voucher i bought from Currys but it won't let me enter it even though i have cancelled the 6 months offer at £5.99 a month. What do we do?

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Well I have just read on a different thread that another customer managed to apply their voucher in a similar situation when their previous voucher/offer ran out.

My current deal from my last voucher runs until this Thursday so I am going to try again then and see what happens.

I completely understand we are in unchartered territory with everything going on in the world right now but I find it very hard to understand how Nowtv have not got some kind of backup in place to have remote working on things like live chat - it is done in India, if needs be can it not be done temporarily in the UK for instance. Nowtv is an off-shot Sky and I expect Sky customers are able to contact someone to help. I think we might have to just wait it out and complain big time when the world starts moving again! At least the option to restart their forced offer is still available if needs be. 

I also have a 10-month sports deal with them and of course i am not able to watch any live sport right now so I hope they have the decency to help customers out with that too when the time comes!