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Tesco Rewards voucher issues

More of a FYI than a query, but thought this might help others?


Trading Tesco Reward vouchers for 3x face value on Now TV (including on their hardware) seemed like a brilliant idea, but the system is horribly flawed. For starters, as a new customer you can't sign up unless you complete the initial shopping process! This means you can't apply the discount - a situation I eventually got around by just taking out a free 7 day trial.


Problem number two occurs when you click the 'Spend It Here' link in Tesco's second email. The new page opens and four discs revolve in a circle on a white background: end of story, nothing else happens. There is a code revealed in the URL so I tried entering that at the checkout, but its not recognised.


Taking the advice of another forum member I headed to live chat (the helpbot was useless). Thirty odd minutes of back and forth followed (during which I was informed that it was a known issue) and I was told the case had been escalated and a technician would be in touch in 24-48hrs. I was also given a case number and contact email address, just in case. Then the session simply closed. No chance to save the transcript, and all the relevant information lost. One frustrating first encounter!


My question, if one is required, is why are these known issues not flagged or addressed within the help system?

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Okay, this could explain the lack of information on the help pages. Just received an email from Now TV (as promised) in which they said:


"Thanks for getting in touch to tell us about the issue you had when you tried to convert your Tesco Clubcard vouchers to NOW TV credit.

Our tech team have now investigated the problem and unfortunately, they haven’t been able to fix it.


We’ll continue to work on it, but as we don’t have a solution at the moment we’d advise you to contact Tesco customer service to get your Clubcard vouchers refunded. 


We’re sorry we couldn’t find a way for you to use your Clubcard vouchers to enjoy NOW TV on this occasion."


So there's the answer: For now, don't do it!

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I had the same issue, it seemed to be the browser I was using. So I closed all my browsers, downloaded google chrome (using an iPhone XR) then signed in through this browser instead. Once I signed in I was able to see the credit that has been added to my account and proceed to add my chosen pass. It worked no problem and also gave me the remaining credit left on the account. 

So maybe this is a safari browser issue with now tv. But google chrome presented no issues and resolved the issue. 

hope this helps as I was totally frustrated and was considering refunding my Tesco vouchers, so happy I persevered.