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Sports on Now

Hi, I want to get Sports Membership so we can make use of it over xmas.

I can get this offer:


Sports Membership + 1 month free Boost

 £25 a month. Cancel anytime.

4 month offer. Includes Boost free for 1 month, after that it's £5 a month.


My question is can I cancel this in before the 4 month offer is up say for example in January or will I be charged £25 a month for the full 4 months.


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Legend 5
Legend 5


You can cancel whenever you want. All that would happen is your membership won’t be renewed for the following month and you’d lose out on the offer. 

That being said as you’ve noticed you’ll often come across deals to sign up with.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help

Thanks 😊 @gavs82008  I guess hubby will be getting an early Xmas present!