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Now TV Season Pass ( Sky Football) 2020/2021

Does anyone know if NOW TV will sell annual passes for Sky Sports football  2020/2021 season or will there just be monthly and weekly options?

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It’s only selected people through marketing who get the email so I think we should all just stop the comments and wait till the 9th and see what happens commenting on here ain’t gonna get u a email Apart from everyone moaning let’s just wait and see ain’t that long to wait ! 

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@Anonymous User - I didn't notice in the T&C, but I wonder if there is a cancellation period (for immediate cancellation and full refund I mean). We could then purchase on the 8th, not use the pass and see what comes out on the 9th.


@Anonymous User wrote:

Problem is the £20 for 9 months needs to activated by the end of the 8th of September according to the T's and C's  so do we hold out for the season pass apparently on the 9th or buy now?

With a tag line of:


"Over 130 of the best games ... Catch the season on Sky Sports for just"


I think this is the season pass!


Perhaps they don't want to get caught out again like with the F1 season pass from a second wave of COVID lockdown so are providing a more flexible mechanism which allows you to cancel, if necessary. Then they can give out another offer on restart.

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Where is this £20 for 9 months offer?


9 month offer is here

but it's not ready yet


The 9 month offer needing to be activated by the 8th Sept with the possibility of a better 12 month offer coming available on the 9th Sept is ###### me off

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I asked on there twitter page and this is the reply I got:


Thanks for reaching out!

I'm afraid that NOW TV will not be offering the Sky Sports Season passes this year, due to the uncertainty around the current COVID-19 pandemic.

There are other offers you will be able to avail of over the next few months!


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The £20 for 9 months looks to in effect be the season pass. But one that is cancellable at any point. That's surely even better news?


Will try and get this deal tonight as a few others have.


£16 for 12 months if such a thing does come to pass is obviously only good if again, you can cancel it at a point.

But otherwise the 3months extra you get are non football months! (Euros will be on terrestrial)


I just tried getting the 9 months for £20. They wouldnt give it to me. Said there was no such offer and wanted me to forward an email as proof that there was.

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I had success earlier this morning. Then I tried for my dad and was told to wait for an email and that there were a number of other customers in this situation. It's weird.

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It does seem odd as they sorted it for me today which I was very glad for. 


I just tried to get the 9 month offer via that chat with no success.  They said that as I have an active pass it would have to be cancelled with immediate effect with no refund for unused portion.  It has 3 weeks left, so unwilling to take the chance if it didn't work.