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Missing sky sports passes

Hi, I purchased and added 3x week sky sport passes in July, I've just logged back in to my account to use them and can't find them or any clue as to where they are. Any idea where they have gone so I can use them

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Re: Missing sky sports passes

Hi @Smurf19 


Wasn't aware you could stack 3 number one week sports pass vouchers to your account ?


My understanding is that you are only permitted to add one voucher at a time for the one day or one week sports pass with no current one day or one week sports pass currently active on your account.


The one month sports pass is slightly different where you can add a further one month sports pass voucher when you have less than 30 days left running on your pass.


The only vouchers you can stack on your account is the electronic preloaded vouchers that comes bundled with the stick or box, but i am not aware they offer a one week sports pass with these (only one day sports or one month sports).


Have you still got the vouchers and if so maybe try them again ?


Out of curiosity where did you buy the one week sports pass vouchers from ?

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