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F1 2022 season voucher

Love F1 and hoping to hear soon that NOW TV will offer a 2022 season voucher for all of the races which they did prior to covid. 

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@Anonymous User there won't be any financial penalty if you end the membership in the 9th month.


"Offer lost" simply means if you cancel the membership, in say July, you can't then return in September at the offer price of £18.99.

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Hi @Anonymous User 


You can keep this offer for 9 months until the F1 season finishes and if you are not interested in any other Sports you can then cancel.


You will not be penalised and only pay the months watched / needed.


If you cancel say on the 20th of November 2022 after the final race round 22 (where i am assuming this is the last race in the calendar, unless changes to the date is extended Covid 19 for example) then you can keep watching Sky Sports up until the next scheduled payment date that was showing on your online NOW account.


No further monthly payments will be taken if you cancel fully (approx 4 steps on screen).


if for some reason you decide to restart this Membership offer you can within the time frame between when cancelled up until the next scheduled due payment that would have occurred if you didn't cancel.


Once you have gone past this above date, you won't be able to restart this offer once again and the £18.99 per month deal will be lost.

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Thanks guys for the quick response  👍


For the people posting above that the offer has only been sent to previous subscribers, I received the e-mail offer but had previously only paid for the occasional day passes to Sky Sports to watch a few F1 races live.


NowTV's hope is presumably that those who don't receive the offer would pay the full price. I for one certainly wouldn't and have only signed up because of the offer. For more like double the price I'd stick with the free highlights coverage on Channel 4, which also has the added bonus that I can choose to watch this at a time convenient to me rather than only being able to watch live.


Edit: I prefer the presenting team on Channel 4 to Sky as well actually.


I currently am on 33.99 offer


I would be grateful if I could get this offer as like most my "pips are squeaking" but has anyone been offered it who also pay 33.99 pls ?



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£33.99 is not an offer, that is the base full price. 


Go to "cancel" and you will no doubt get a retention discount price thrown at you. 

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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I just asked via live chat why I have not received a voucher for the F1 season and apparently the £18.99 voucher is for people who already have an active Sky Sports account (can't see that myself).

So I have just been given a code for Sky Sports of £20 for 6 months, which is better than a punch in the eye I guess. Tried to get it upped to 9 months but they where not having it.


If you don't ask, you don't get.

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@Anonymous User what they mean by active account is those that have had a membership in the past and cancelled but are still on the system - no active memberships for a period of time but an active account.





No offer this morning for me. As far as I can tell, everyone who received the £18.99 offer, received it on Friday. I'd be interested to hear if anyone gets anything this week.


Good to hear of a success on live chat. Everyone else who's tried that route hasn't had any joy. I might leave it a couple more days, then try that.

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@Saint1976 I see what you mean 


I ended my Sky Sports on NowTV right after the end of 2021 F1 season so that means that you will have had to cancel SS within the last two months.