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F1 2022 season voucher

Love F1 and hoping to hear soon that NOW TV will offer a 2022 season voucher for all of the races which they did prior to covid. 

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Hi and thanks very much for sending me PM

Unfortunately I had a bit of a doggy crisis (he is approaching but won't make 19) so I didn't see any emails from early afternoon

So of course I missed your PM and was really disappointed as you had gone to the trouble of trying to help me. 6 months at £20 would beat the pants off same 6 months at £ 33.99 !

Looking at the wording though it looks like I would have to not be a subscriber to take up the offer though I have in the past signed up for the Pass that covered most of F1. Season without a hitch so will have to watch to see if anything pops up

Thanks again for all the help ... pity I couldn't cash in as 33.99 is getting a burden lol

All the best JT

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Sky Sports currently £25/month for 3 months



I just got an offer 12 months at 18.99 a month.


It wasnt easy to get working, and I struggled, eventually I had to use live chat to get it working.


So there are offers out there, although I am nt sure how they allocate the offers


I’ve had now for a good few years and an f1 pass of some sort for the past few years. I have not had an email yet so have just been on live chat. They said they couldn’t offer me the deal as it was system generated. They gave me a voucher code for 3 months at £20. I asked if there was any chance I might still get the email up to the 18th. He said possibly, but not to use the voucher code until the 18th just in case I get the 12 month deal by email. So frustrating.

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@Bazzanw You got a good advisor there and what they said made sense. Keep us posted. 

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Just had a "chat" with an operator and got a voucher for 6m sky sports for £20/m 

I will leave it up until the last minute before I apply the code, just in case the "season" pass appears as if by magic. 


I took up the 6 month offer but now see there is a 9 month offer available. Can I switch? Or do I have to cancel the 6 month offer and start again with the 9 month?

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Other users on this thread had said they went onto live chat and the staff got it sorted.


See my signature below for live chat.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
Yes .... I went from 33.99 by contacting Online Chat to £20 a month for 6 months just by asking

The following day the offer went to 9 months and quite a few people on replies above contacted Chat again and got 6 month deal cancelled and took the 9 month deal

Personally I have not done that and probably won't... so yes give it a go is my message
Thanks Gav, got it sorted.