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Email saying: We've given you a 8-month NOW Sports Mobile Membership

I got an email from NOW TV saying 'We've given you a 8-month NOW Sports Mobile Membership' so i thought great, logged in didn't work. Anyone got it to work on their mobile? Does anyone know a number to call? 

Elite 3

@Anonymous User there's no number for TV related enquiries.


Are you watching one of the 5 included channels?  Premier League, Action, Arena, Racing or News?


If you are and the channel isn't working, try logging out and back in again.

Anonymous User
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Hi, I tried logging out and logging back in and watching Premier League but it didn't work. Very disappointed. Can't contact anyone as I can't find a phonr number  on the app or the website.  Oh well it was a freebie, can't win them all!

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Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User 


When you go into your online NOW account under My Membership, does it show the Mobile Sports Membership active and gives you the end date after 8 months ?


If not and there is no sign of the Mobile Membership on your online account, the freebie 8 months Mobile Sports Membership takes up to 10 days to be automatically added on your account from the date you purchased the Day Sports pass.


On what date did you buy the Day Sports Pass ?


If it's been longer than 10 days and there is nothing showing on your online account, then get in touch with NOW live chat.