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Broadband and telephone deal


I can't pick choose a board for total incompetence to here goes

\\;';[with our rant

We have a Now tv subscription, so thought were moving house we will sign up to their good deal

ticked box for take our old number with us. Brilliant!!

On the day of switching on ( we waited 10 days by the way) NOW TV cancelled the order

No phone call

No email

They just cancelled the order no notice until the day of activation

Hubby took a day off work to be in for the engineer

So I got in touch to Ireland.  

Not 1 apology, it took me 30 mins to get through at my expense

Now TV have told us we don't have an account with them and won't offer any compensation.

We've gone with BT and have now been able to watch our NOW TV we've had for 18 months.

Yet they claim they don't know us. 

NOW TV is a total disgrace, they have taken our subscription for November from our bank account. How do I claim back the Now Tv subscription? 

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