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Black Friday 2020 Prediction

Here is my prediction for NOW TV’s Black Friday offerings - NOTHING


Comcast’s interest in NOW TV was nothing more than their need to asset strip it for their Peacock product.


Offering discounts is in direct conflict with the need to make it unpalatable compared to Sky. Once all the vouchers have timed out it will be overpriced except only for those who wish to dip in and out.

Expert 3

Sky will move their customers to streaming via either Sky X or by allowing the Sky Q boxes to run with the  satellite dish unplugged.


Given how many on here are cancelling because they are going to pay more than £99/annum, I don’t see many signing up for full blown Sky for a minimum of £25/month.   Sky need Now TV to compete with Netflix, Prime and Disney +.  And nothing to stop the likes of HBO launching in the UK.   

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I'm on a £5.99 retention offer until February, compared to what you get with Netflix and Disney+  I simply won't be willing to pay much more, so if the next offer is much higher I'll be leaving.


I have been a customer for a very long time.