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Auto Renewal Just Stopped

My Auto Renewal stopped automatically for some reason, usually I get charged for the cinema & sports passes around 28th/29th of the month however I’ve gone to put something on this morning and it’s telling me to buy the packages? Why has my auto renewal been stopped? I have enough money in my account and it’s really frustrating as this now means I loose out on the current deals I had that had not expired yet. The current offers are no where near as good as what I had and I’m probably unlikely to join back up again unless I have my deals back, especially as the football season is nearly over.

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@RyanSwell1 this is a customer community so answers to your questions will be short in coming.


You can contact Now via live chat in the link below


Or email


customerservices @ (ensuring no spaces)

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Hi @RyanSwell1


Have you gone to your online NOW account to check if the Memberships are still active (just in case there is some sort of glitch with your playback devices not recognising your active membership)?


I have seen this happen in the past and sometimes a log out and power down of the play back device may or may not fix it if the membership are still showing active and running on your online account.