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billed me a day early

I've tried the chat it's useless I've emailed and waiting on another reply as the first one was just letting me know what my payment date was which was not what I asked. They have taken payment on the 7th when my billing date is the 8th this prevented my car insurance being paid and they have billed me £25for this as a late fee. I had the amount for car insurance in there on the 7th as that's its due date and the Nowtv amount would have been in the bank for the 8th. Can I get this late fee paid by Nowtv as its their fault not mine they took payment earlier then the agreed date 


You will need to persevere with the support teams directly I'm afraid, nobody from NOW will respond to your query on here. 

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Payment for what?

TV or broadband?

If it’s TV then you need to follow the advice by @redchiz1 and keep at it. 
If it’s broadband you can call the broadband team to sort it out.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help