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We're sorry, NOW TV is no longer supported in this device.

How has this NOT been on the news that a NOW TV little white box (own brand, not a TV app or third party device) and probably no older than 18 months, is no longer able to show NOW TV. So a Christmas treat planned, logging on and subscribing to movei...

Monthly passes

Hi, when I try to watch anything it says I haven't got the passes, even though on the 16th of Dec I was charged 19.97 for entertainment, kids and movies. If I click to buy them again it wants to charge me again this month. Can someone help

Broadband Router Not Delivered

Hi, I've signed up for now TV broadband. My router was supposed to be delivered yesterday but hasn't been. I can't find any way to actually speak to a person.  Has anyone got a contract number for customer service? Thanks

Payments and speed

Ok So NO one Informed me tha i am gonna be charged extra . MY speed were never what this offers and now because of this extra charge i am 20 pounds less on my bank account . I am ###### off with this . Plus there is of course no online option to solv...

Watchlist disappears

Hi we are using a now tv stick and have added programs to our watch list. The problem I have is the next time I go to use the stick the programs do not appear on the list at all. Is there a maximum number of programs you are able to add? Or does anyo...


I had Openreach come to fit a new line for Now TV Broadband last week. When he left we discovered that the business below me, which is mine, has no phone or internet now. Has he used that line? Who do I contact regarding this?  Thanks


Hi,  I have paid my bill on December 2nd for my broadband yet its saying I owe £36 and the wifi is down. I have checked my bank statements and I have paid them and according to my statements I am up to date with payments... Thanks   Laureenn25


a payment was taken out that I was un a where of and I would like to request a refund as I have not watched anything and cancelled the subscription