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Discovery plus app

With discovery plus being available (and free for 1 year) on sky q i am just wondering if the discovery plus app will ever be an option on now tv? I dont mind paying for the subscription but it would be nice if all options available to sky customers ...

Sky sports mobile month pass not working

I was given 5 months free worth of sky mobile month pass after buying a day sports pass but none of the 5 channels work. In my passes it's saying it's there but when I click on watch it doesn't let me. 

Improvements needed to service

While I really like NowTV, the service is frustrating in a number of ways. 1. Some shows in the watchlist which I am viewing don't automatically appear in the 'keep watching' list when a new episode is available. Currently this is happening with Magn...

Andy_W by Advocate
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Freezing Sky Sports pas

I want to freeze my Sky Sports pass given that there is no live sports coverage. The alternative is to cancel but might end up having to pay a penalty for that. I can see that this is already being offered if you subscribe directly through Sky. Has a...

Forgotten email

I want to cancel my subscription of another account but have forgotten the email i signed up with. I've used the account finder but doesn't come up with anything even when using the last 4 digits of my card!!!?? 

Unknown Payments

Since December of last year, I have been charged £24.98 in three separate payments of £3.00, £9.99, and £11.99 now I have three possible accounts this may have come from but no have outgoing payments. I have only just realised I have been paying this...

Resolved! nowTV app on Samsung TV no longer working

Today 21 Feb 2021 my nowTV app stopped work on my Samsung smart TV. No other app has failed. And nowTV working perfectly on other devices. It's not a limited user issue. Reinstalling app makes no difference. What does it look like? Press button and t...

Resolved! Viewing Rates

I was wondering if I click to watch a show, which is on live TV, and it asks if you want to watch live or on demand, if I click on demand, will this still count as a viewing in the viewing rates, or is it just if you watch it live (with ads). Also wi...