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Whoever did the subtitles for ‘Little Fish’ doesn’t know what an auxiliary verb is.It should be “would have” instead of “would of”.IF someone did do something, then they HAVE done it, not OF done it.Surely someone entrusted with subtitles should know...

Kthrn by Advocate
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I have Boost but still getting adverts on on Demand programme. 

customer services lacking already

1st day, found that Now had restricted my account from the off, no mention they would do that in any of the literature or terms and conditions, when I phoned up to find out what was going on I was told that Now did not put restrictions on accounts bu...

reoccurring slow speeds

I've been with NOW BroadBand for some years now but this is likely the last, i have noticed that not only do they rip off their loyal customers once their contract runs out but they also slow your internet download speed the longer you leave it the s...

Cancellation fee

How much is an early cancellation fee? I’ve been offered a better deal that’s all  thanks Alex 

Now Black Box

Hi, the box light just flashing not connecting with the TV. I done hard reset for 15 and 30 seconds. Changed the hdmi cable, tried different TV as well. But no luck. Any ide what is happening to the box. Thanks

Cast to tv

Why can I not cast to the tv? I have a full entertainment, sports and boxset pass. I am only able to view on my phone


Salve, stavo aspettando una consegna il 21.10 per il mio hub, la consegna è stata posticipata ad oggi ma il fattorino non ha consegnato il pacco e ora potrò recarmi all'ufficio postale lunedì 24.10 non sono sicuro dell'ora in cui il PO riceverà il mi...

Mariakn by Advocate
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