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Problems with new landline number

Hi everyone,  I've recently switched to NowTV for broadband and calls. I was unable to keep my old phone number as this was cancelled before I signed up with the new provider and was therefore allocated a new phone number. The problem I have is that ...

Resolved! Phone and Internet Not Working

Could someone please help, Yesterday afternoon I lost phone and broadband connection, there is no Dial Tone at all and I have done the usual check OF removing the landline socket face plate and connecting directly in but still nothing. I have been se...

Technical issue

I am getting the message Now TV isn't loading try later on my app on smart TV. When I visit website I can access my account, it shows the credit I have but says it can't find any passes I have and there is a technical issue. I ran a test on the websi...

Tin Star missing episodes today

We have been working our way through Tin Star and then suddenly today there are only 5 random episodes available, 3 in Season 1 and 2 in Season 2.I really hope its just a technical glitch or that is super annoying. Anyone else had this and know how t...

10 months Sky Sports

I thought £199 for 10 months sports was very good value - no of use could have foreseen the last 11 weeks! Are you going to do the right thing Now TV and extend all passes by at least 3 months?

Searching for a movie

Whenever I use the search bar to look for movies it comes up with 'no results were found have you tried searching for a full word?' despite the fact that I have typed the exact movie title of the movies that are on NOWtv.


Hi I was supposed to get a refund on 1st June and I haven't received it what should I do 

TV Guide blank

I have 4 sticks. All are up to date. The TV guide is blank on all 4. All other options available I.e. cstch up, my apps etc.

Isn't it Ironic?

Every time i play a tv show and that woman's voice come on saying something like "this programme contains strong language", it makes me swear at her. Same with the football and the "industrial language". I'm sick to death of hearing it. If i was watc...